EducareShare is an online community and resource sharing platform open to all school staff, their parent organizations, funders and research partners in the Educare Learning Network.

To Sign Up:

If you are eligible for membership, click the Register button on the right and use your organizational email address to register.

  • Fill in all required fields, which are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Make note of your Username. This system does not currently allow email address to be entered in the login form - you must use the Username you select at registration.
  • Some fields will be pre-filled for you with values that reflect the majority of our members, but do not accurately represent all Educare members. If these pre-set selections don't align with your work, make sure to update them.

For most members registering with their organizational email address, you will be automatically added and redirected to EducareShare when your registration is complete.

If you are an Educare caregiver/parent and don't have an organizational email address, or you are otherwise not automatically granted access to EducareShare, send a message to and include the email address you registered with to be added to the group.

About Educare Learning Network

As one of the nation's most effective early childhood education schools, Educare is creating bright futures for thousands of low-income young children and families. Our schools provide children from birth to age 5 with quality early education, support families, arm teachers with effective teaching practices and share research to elevate early learning nationwide.

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